Our Corporate Identity


The logo design of Mantra is very simple. It consists of a symbol of Lord Ganesh enclosed within a box.

Why Ganesh?

Lord Ganesh is the patron of our company. Ganesh the name means “Lord of the People” (Gana= means the common people, and Ganesh is the “Lord of the Ganas”). Amongst all deities, He is the most revered one and is worshipped before any other Gods. Ganesh is, therefore reckoned as the God of Beginnings. He is the epitome of knowledge, remover of obstacles, harbinger of good health and prosperity.

Taking inspiration from the deity, at Mantra we are determined to stand by our customers, for our customers and serve their needs.

Apart from this, there are some relatable lessons that we have learnt in our business journey.

1.The Big Head: The big head represents broad-mindedness and that Ganesh is an ocean of knowledge.

What we learn?

At Mantra, we are open to all possibilities and receptive to all opportunities for the growth of the company.

We anticipate our customers needs, their problems and think prudently to give optimum solutions to them.

2.The Big Ears: The big ears show that Ganesh listens to those who ask for help from him.

What we learn?

At Mantra, we are all ears to our customers’ needs and requirements and strive to cater all their needs.

3.His Mouth: The small mouth of Ganesh indicates that he prefers to speak less and listen more. So, its said: ‘Speak less, Speak right and Speak when it is necessary’.

What we learn?

At Mantra, we are vocal for our team and employees’ rights and benefits, for we believe ‘A team that works together can perform better.’

4.His Small-Sharp Eyes: If you look at Ganesh’s eyes, they are small but sharp and enticing. They are focused.

What we learn?

At Mantra, we are focused on our goals for growth and expansion of our company in PAN India, strengthening our network, adding and innovating our products, improvising our services, expanding our customer base and providing better services and solutions to our esteemed customers. 

5.His Trunk: Ganesh’s flexible trunk is a symbol of his agility and adaptability to various situations.

What we learn?

In any business, there comes highs and lows. There are seasons of high sales and then comes seasons of low sale or no sale. One apt example of this is the recent pandemic of coronavirus 2020 which shook the entire world leading to a massive global financial crisis. Many companies went bankrupt, offices shut down, stock markets getting crashed and millions lost their jobs.

The pandemic has shown us how unpredictable and uncertain life can be. But even in those testing times we could survive because we worked on our strategy and tried to be flexible in our approach, planning and working. What we learnt is to be agile, flexible and willingness to adapt to various situations to be successful in the long run. What we learn is to endure and adapt through volatile times.

6.His Tusk: Ganesh is rightly called as ‘Ekdantaya’ because of his one tusk which suggests that one must have the strength and courage to remove the bad and the unnecessary from life.

What we learn?

The strength and power of the tusk conveys us to pursue with the relevant such as steps for upgrading with our products and services, measures for the overall development of our team members and employees and chalk out the unnecessary i.e. anything that hinders our performance and growth.

Color Scheme


The white color used in the backdrop of the logo displays the company’s intention of implying fairness in all its business dealings, keeping transparency with its customers, stakeholders and well-wishers, and building an environment of trust, goodness, understanding and safety for its employees and customers.


Yellow color stands for prosperity, knowledge, growth and auspiciousness. It is associated with feelings of cheerfulness, originality and warmth. The use of this color in our logo conveys that the company is optimistic in its approach and is determined to offer pleasurable, fast and accessible products and services to its customers.


The use of brown color in the borders of the logo conveys that we are reliable, dependable, credible and durable. It conveys a strong message from our side that we are determined towards achieving our goals and duty-bound to serve our customers with the best solutions, products and services.

Just like the trunk of a tree that keeps it connected with its leafy crown and the roots, this color of the trunk or you can say the brown color in the logo inspires the entire Mantra family to stick to our ethics; principles and beliefs while we keep exploring new measures and keep innovating our products and services. It motivates us to focus on our goals while we keep expanding and strengthening our network and to pursue with our mission while we keep reaching out to our clients to ensure them high standards of performance and first-class services.